The Trials of Mistledale (re-cap from the beginning)

Chapter I A Little Trouble

Our adventure begins and ends in the Dalelands; Mistledale. It’s late winter in Ashabenford, a small town with a big history. There recently was an earthquake, which is odd because these areas are not prone to them. The last one was the terrible earthquake that happened 300 years ago during the battle with the drow of Cormanthor. Anyway, this latest tremor is all but forgotten, as there wasnt any real damage. Life goes on….

Multimer the merchant is on the corner, the White heart Inn is to the north. To the east is Almayes’ alchemy and a Temple of Tyr. to the South is the Lord’s mansion and some other inns. To the west is the stables and a mill. And in between and surrounding these areas are residential houses and such. Surrounding that, farmland as far as the eye can see. Welcome to Ashabenford!

The Dalelands Adventurers begin with a town quest to rescue another group of adventurers that made their way into an underground ruin, never to return. Young and foolish, the inexperienced kids were abducted by a spellcaster in the depths of the ruin. The party finds the out that an evil druid in this underground site is working some foul magic, using the captured for a gruesome nature experiment. The kids perished, but the Dalelands adventurers saw and conquered, returning the signet rings to the respective relatives of the deceased.

This marks the first adventure of our heroes. Until now they never knew of adventuring. They know now that it is dangerous(that evil druid was not weak, with his evil vines and that large rotten tree), profitable(much gold, items, weapons), and not without loss(the young adventurers turned into something terrible, victims of an irreversible nature-curse. dead).

Chapter II Armin Sala

Haresk Malorn, Lord of Mistledale, lives in Ashabenford. The adventurers are immediately noticed for their strength and bravery. And so begins the party’s dealings with Lord Malorn. The Lord invites them to the mansion, Dupar the butler greets them. Armin Sala is the Lords trusted advisor, a blond haired middle-aged woman of medium build and looks.
The Lord sends the party on a mission to Glen, a small dwarven village neaby. Apparently orc attacks from the mine have gotten out of hand, and they need help. Glen is allied with off the adventurers go….
The party arrives at the ‘Broad Boar’, an inn/tavern in Glen. They are greeted well here, as Ashabenford isnt far and word has leaked of Lord Malorn’s intentions. The party advances to the mine, source of the orc attacks. After penetrating deep into a cave (starting from a crack in the mine caves), the party comes to an underground smithy run by Orcs of Gruumsh! After many successful forays into the caves, the party grows experienced with fighting the orc kind, even taking out an orc chief, and a powerful priest, who defiled a small forgotten Moradin shrine and crudely converted it to a shrine of Gruumsh. Even undead roam these dangerous caves. Then one day before we could even get inside the mine, there was a fight that started near the entrance. Fiends, Orcs, and a few Riders of Mistledale(who have come from Ashabenford to help),all fighting each other! The Orcs were being pushed out by the fiends…where did they come from?The party is powerful, but no prepared to fight these planar creatures. They pull back.
Then, a visit from Armin Sala, Lord Malorns trusted advisor. She claims that she can give us all more ‘power’ if the party will join her in a little experiment. The party agrees and they are teleported to a small hide out, obviously Armins personal quarters. This natural cave is warm. To the south an earthly red glow from around the corner suggests the presence of hot magma. In the center of the cave is a large plush carpet, which is where the charaters and Armin first appear. Theres a large bookshelf and desk in the corner. She explains that the party wil be goin to the positive material plane to harness the positive energy there, and siphon the energy through arcane magic. Whap! They jump to another plane. A white plane of really bright light, but it doesnt hurt when you lookin into it. infact everything seems to be made of light. Armin holds what appears to be a small black rock during the ‘ritual’. Whap! Shes’s gone, marooning the party on a plane so inhospitable, that the party only has moments before they explode from positive energy. Then someone remembers..“the glass rods! break them!” The party uses their one and only chance to escape certain doom. And they do!
The party makes it back to the material plane,no where near the dalelands. But stranger still is how the Dalelands Adventurers feel. Alert, aware, powerful.
The party went back to warn Lord Malorn about his advisor. No sign of Armin though, as was expected. So back to the grind, the adventurers very powerful now from recent arcane enhancements, enter the cave once again and come to the portal. A colored curtain through which fiends come into this world. Battles rage, the characters fight and pull back..fight and pull back until the portal action subsides. Here they continue on, as the cave a lower level with water cave inhabited by a blackdragon. The heroes pushed on to defeat the dragon (and taking the treasue) to come to a room that has a familiar red glow to it. It is Armin’s secret hide out. The large rug on the floor covered an Eye of Gruumsh, there standing on top of it is an armed orc cleric of Gruumsh. In the corner stands Armin, waiting for the party to finish with the dragon. They fight…
Armin is defeated. The portal is shut down.
The heroes earn the trust of their Lord with their latest accomplishments…

Chapter III _The Desmodu

The Malorns have ruled Mistledale for centuries. Haresk Malorn’s great great great grandfather Gord Malorn formed an alliance with a race of large, bi-pedal, batlike creatures called the desmodu. An alliance was necessary to achieve victory over the drow of Cormanthor in an epic battle that raged in the Underdark a few hundred years ago. We succeeded in driving back the drow horde, but lost all contact with the desmodu. Their people were cut off from the surface by powerful arcane magic that induced considerable seismic activity. The batlike creatures were solitary for the time being. The Desmodu were happy to live their lives without the influence of the dark elves, and for years they lived alone…together…a peaceful existence.

The recent earthquake changed things in the underdark. There was actually a report of a desmodu sighting in the Glen area, deep in the mines. Lord Malorn sends the party into the Underdark to reconnect with the desmodu. The Dalelands adventurers with their new found power are ready to plunge into the upper, middle, and lowerdark.

The desmodu settlement deep in the Underdark was a solitary area where these creatures live and work. The High Priest Bandaar is the desmodu leader who wants the party to help them with the fire salamanders, who are not interested in sharing this area with the bat creatures any more.

The adventurers entered the salamander lair, battled the inhabitants, and broke the walls of force, which rerouted the magma flow, destroying the whole place. The desmodu’s future was secure. Viday, a desmodu friend who traveled with the party for a spell, was set to join them for the return to the surface….

Chapter IVThe Palace
Lord Malorn sends the party into the Anauroch desert, on a quest to escort a huge caravan of traveling merchants to Ashabenford for a fair to be held in the spring. Rumor has it that a large blue dragon blocks the path laid out to the Dalelands. The adventurers encounter the mythical beast and get sucked into (down) The Palace of Zahadran. This underground tomb was once a microcosmic paradise for a forgotten race. It holds vast magic and now powerful evil. In a race against the sands of time, the party discovers whats keeping them from teleporting; a crazy wizard in temperal stasis trying to keep the Deva in, winds up trapping the party. The wizard’s passing drops the barrier), defeats the Deva (destroying the portal), and the party breaks free of the palace before too much time passes. They carry out their quest and make it back home with everyone intact, except for those that died in the Palace, forever buried in that rubble under the desert.

Chapter V Hellstone Deep_
So, Draz Ghulan sends his minions to find the last piece of the Cthonic Heart. They travel to the Temple of Iron Flames, murder the priests of Moradin, and make the powerful artifact whole and functional once more. General Draz and his allies abduct three celestials and sacrifice them to the Chain of Scars. The General wields mighty power with these two artifacts, and eventually Ashabenford is destroyed.
Anyhow, the party learns of the attack at the temple and moves in on the where abouts of this Chain of Scars. Venturing to the City of the Frozen Sea (with the frozen body of water above, casting a blue glow on Il’drazza’kul, an abandoned mindflayer city raided by drow), the party quickly learns that the drow have been greatly mutated due to exposure to the Chain of Scars (which lies underneath).
The party wades through the chthonic vampires with their holy weapons and destroys the Ebon Eye, a “thoughtful” construct with terrible mind powers. They enter thet Chain of Scars, and wind up in various different and dangerous locations. The effects of teleportation, and the encounters, were both strange and grim.
The Dalelands Adventurers found The Sea of Endlesss Night (demiplane where Hellstone Deep lies), and tried to take the fight to Draz, but he escaped, with the Chthonic Heart…..mission failed.
Many died, but not enough of the right ones where one would feel a sense of winning the day. Hellstone Deep itself was cleared out of villains (destroyed by the party, or fled). But with a site like Hellstone, one must assume that evil will return…

Chapter VI The Elder Evils

The Trials of Mistledale (re-cap from the beginning)

The Trials of Mistledale DmDork