High Radiance Dia of the Spires of the Morning

Female, Human, Canon of Lathander the Morning Lord


Human Female Cleric of Lathander (Level 24 Caster Level 26)
18 Cleric, 4 Divine Disciple, 2 Hierophant
Str 15 (2)
Dex 18 (4)
Con 16 (3)
Int 18 (4)
Wis 32 (11)
Cha 16 (3)

Fort 14+3+6+2 = 25/27 vs Outsiders
Ref 7+4+6+2+2 = 21/23 vs. Outsiders
Will 14+10+6+2 = 32/34 vs Outsiders

Knowledge:Planes 4+3+2= 9
Knowledge:Religion 4+25+2= 31
Knowledge:Arcana 4+9= 13
Knowledge: History 4+3= 7
Heal 11+9= 20
Concentration 3+20+4=27
Spot 11+5=16
Diplomacy 6
HP 225
Initiative 8
AC 31 (41 w/ magic vestment and sheild of Faith, total defense=45)
DR: 3/-
SR:38/42 w/Karma Bead

Feats:Spell Prodigy, Improved initiative, Toughness, Maxamize,Lightning Reflexes, Combat casting, Spell Penetration, Improved Spell Capacity, Improved Spell Capacity.
Supernatural Ability: Divine Reach
Languages:Common, Celestial

Celia Platt was a obedient and loving girl from Shadowdale. Each morning eagarly welcoming the glory of the dawn, even before the faithful priests of Lathander had stepped out of the ostentatious rose tinted glass phoenix shaped, Morning Dawn Hall, for morning prayer. This enthusiastic and spirited soul was seen by the morning lord and was embraced by his followers. Soon she was brought into Morning Dawn Hall, and with the blessings of Lathander she was taught the dogma of rebirth and renewal. When ordained as a cleric of Lathander, she was henceforth known as Dia Lustrous Heart. From her early time in the clergy, Dia was uncompromising with her beliefs in the grace of Lathander. Her self assertiveness drove her to undertake a pilgrammage of faith, to spread the word of Lathander while carrying out the will of the Morning Lord. Some of the clerics thought that her loyalty and bullheadedness would not only lead her to adventure, but also gain the attention of those who would rather see darkness fall upon Toril.

High Radiance Dia of the Spires of the Morning

The Trials of Mistledale Dia