Aerys Targaryan

Cleric12/ Loremaster10/ Heirophant5


Aerys Targaryan
Cleric 12/ Loremaster 10/ Heirophant 5
Human Cleric of Mielikki, Religious leader of the Uthgardt Barbarians
Member of the Daleland Adventurers

Despite being surrounded by non good, even evil, party members, Aerys is determined to see this quest to save humanity through to completion. With the power of the Lady of the Forest behind him and his loyal companion Bong by his side, he prepares to face the hordes of the Abyss and Orcus himself.

Str 12 (1)
Dex 22 (
6) 6 gloves/4 tome
Con 22 (6) +4 shirt/4 tome
Int 24 (7) +6 circlet/4 tome
Wis 31 (10) +6 periapt/4 tome
Cha 14 (+2)

HP 292
AC 47 (51 MV)

Fort 35/ Ref 29/ Will 39

Skill Focus Knowledge: Nature
Scribe Scroll
Spellcasting Prodigy
Spell Penetration
Greater Spell Penetration
Improved Toughness
Improved Spell Capacity x2
Efficient Item Creation
Craft Wondrous Item
Quicken Spell
Spontanious Domain Casting

Lore score: 17
Divine Reach x2 (60’) Hierophant abilities
3 Spellpower (CL3) Heirophant ability


Aerys’ deep connection with the Prime results from his love and understanding of nature. He longs to return to the forests of The Realms and leave Hell and the Abyss behind.

Aerys Targaryan

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