The Trials of Mistledale

Anubis speaks...

Heroes. I speak to you as one of your own. You hawe My blessing to take that which you need to finish your important mission. You will answer for your welcome theft by dealing with My guardians. I will watch the battle. It is not your time to die. You hawe help here, from Others like Me. We only wish to see you to the end. Good fortune, mortals….

Aerys : The Divination

“Meilikki, Forest Queen, hear me. It is I, Aerys Targaryan, your humble servant. I know your dogma.

’ Intelligent beings can live in harmony with the wild without requiring the destruction of one in the name of the other. Embrace the wild and fear it not, because the wild ways are the good ways. Keep the Balance and learn the hidden ways of life, but stress the positive and outreaching nature of the wild. Do not let trees be needlessly felled or the forest burned. Live in the forest and be part of the forest, but do not dwell in endless battle against the forest. Protect forest life, defend every tree, plant anew where death falls a tree, and restore the natural harmony that fire-users and woodcutters often disrupt. Live as one in the woods, teach others to do so, and punish and curtail those that hunt for sport or practice cruelties on wild creatures. ’

‘learn the hidden ways of life’
I have dedicated my life to your service, endeavoring to collect knowledge as a Loremaster so i may pass it on to your followers. I have been bestowed the powerful gifts of your faith and used them to defend the forest and the Realms themselves. But in my greatest adventure, I have failed to secure the Chthonic Heart. Now the time grows near when my companions and I must pick up the quest again, and venture forth once more into the Planes.
‘learn the hidden ways of life’?
I have. Yet, not fully enough. My knowledge of the Planes beyond mine own here upon Toril is insufficient to this task. I need help…. I need your help Mielikki. Send me the name of an ally, the name of one more knowledgeable than I in the ways of the Planes, an agent of yours, an Angel. Who is the Angel who will accompany me, assist me, and teach me the ways of the Planes while I face Devils and Demons alike in my pursuit of the Chthonic Heart?"

His voice raised in volume during the final question, it was the question that was important. In so doing, this completed his verbal component and the ten minute casting of the Divination. Aerys took a deep breath, anticipating the divine touch of Mielikki in response to his question. The simple fire that he had built and lit without use of magic crackled pleasantly in the night. The sounds of the forest were around him, calming him. The fire crackled. Louder! The fire grew larger, hotter! The Targaryan was enraptured by its beauty, staring blankly into the pillar of holy fire erupting before him. His vision culminating in the sight of an Angel, a Solar wreathed in the flames. Four heads: ox, lion, eagle, and man. Four wings: two wrapped around him and the other set flapping. A large sword, a tall bow, a look of timeless wisdom. Fire all around, he heard Her voice in his ear…" Cherubim".
Reality spun back into place and the chill of the night air, the dark star filled night returned him to his senses. Aerys Targaryan, Cleric, Loremaster, and Hierophant, pushed himself easily to his feet, an air of confidence around him now. A smile came to his lips. The last glance around to triple check his surroundings now completed, he began waving his arms in large arcs above him, took a step to his right and turned away from the fire. The last exaggerated gesture split the dark night air with a razor of holy power. “Cherubim.”

A Dangerous Meeting

Donning her cold protection gear, Talistia flies low through the vicious snow storm in the frozen wastes of Cania. Before long the visibility improves as the winds die. Talistia comes upon the the Nargus, a mountain of pure ice locked firmly in place by surrounding glaciers. Carved from this gleaming translucent ice is an oddly warm and inviting citidel. She instantly teleports into the city…

Talistia stands in a cold hall made entirely of ice. A hall fit for a king. She approaches and bows. “My Lord…” A large red-skinned black winged devil sits on a throne made of transparent ice. Appearing out of thin air into Talistia’s hands is a large glowing scroll. The throned outsider speaks in a controlled tone…..
“Bring them to me. We have much to discuss. Take the old way. I do not want this getting out.” The fiend makes a dismissing gesture with a wave of his devilish hand. The erinyes bows her head and without a word disappears….

Aerys and the Uthgardt

The Grandfather Tree loomed large in the distance, tower of green highlighted by the noonday sun. The impossibly tall holy site of every good aligned worshiper of nature, it’s protection was provided by the Tree Ghost clan of the Uthgardt, whose peoples live surrounding the Tree. The hike back was intentionally long, pleasingly so. Aerys Targaryan, Loremaster, Heirophant, and Cleric of Our Lady of the Forest, enjoyed his surroundings, basking in the wilds rather than teleporting back to the Clan of the Tree Ghost. He walked side by side with Gwendolyn Proudwind, Ranger of the Barbarians.
“I will never forget our visit to Unicorn Run, Aerys. Thank you for sharing the secrets of the High Forest with me.” Gwendolyn’s freckled face flushed as she regarded the powerful worshiper of Mielikki, for he had become lover as well as mentor to her. She shook her long blond braids in denial. “Are you sure you must depart so soon?”
“Regretfully, I must leave you and the tribe shortly. My time of teaching the Uthgardt what i know of the High Forest and the ways of living in harmony with it will be at an end shortly. I have already spoken to Highcliff and Dia, two of my adventuring group. In a weeks time I shall meet them on the Elven Isle, Evermeet. From there we travel to a foreign plane of existance, to which the city of Union is home. Truly i shall look back with great fondness on these past few weeks with you and your tribe. But, I must admit, I am quite excited to continue my exploration of the Planes and perhaps begin new adventures with old friends.”
A strong breeze brought the scent of cooking fires from the village. Thoughts of pork, venison, and hot stews made the travelers’ mouths water; yet brought to mind the realization that their journey neared it’s end. They walked in silence for a few moments, both with their own thoughts.

The White Heart Inn

Holfast Harkenshield takes to his own place, fixing the floorboards and the bar, putting away his sword and shield that fell off the wall when half the inn collapsed from the explosion. “This place needs to look human again. After all, we cant expect the folks of this town to summon any hope without some ale n spirits ta throw back.” he laughs.

A collection of dwarves helps out around the inn. Nothing has happened to ‘their’ side, but they’re ready to get things back to normal and dont mind lifting a finger to make that happen…“Gives us a round here Master Holfast you lazy human!” A few other dwarves laugh it up but then get silent with disappointment when they hear his reply “We havent had anything to sell for weeks! So sorry folks! I see at least a few free rounds of drinks in your future for helping, however, brave Glenfolk.” Holfast thinks about Huggyland and how it must be booming, a thought he would never vocalize….

Welcome to Adventure Log!

ooc: Here well all can talk about (staying in character;third person seems to work best)the story of what happened, whats happening, and what may happen in the adventure, with our chars, etc.


Noristor is lost in his tomes. Uninterrupted concentration can put you in a trance. Then suddenly there’s a pounding at the front door of his tower. Assaulted by the vibrating, earthquake-like knock of a large impolite brute, Noristor is pulled out of his trancelike state, annoyed, like when someone breaks you from a relaxing stare. He storms down the tower and opens the door “What in the Nine Hells do you want!?”

ooc:Anyway kids..thats the gist of it. you can ramble on here in character as much as you wish. it is my hope that you will all contribute a bit. It will the make the games that much more interesting. Thank you.


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